Sheba Center for Strategic Studies

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Fields of Interest (Focus Areas): 
The center's areas of interest are restricted to: (A)Topical Mandate: •Strategic issues (security and defense), political and socio-economic issues as well as energy research. (B)Geographic Mandate: •Yemen and its vital sphere which includes the littoral states the Red Sea, the GCC countries, Iran and Iraq. •Middle East and North Africa. •Countries which are of consequence to the center's areas of interest. The above determinants are interdependent in view of international relations and the interaction of their interest areas and issues. As such, Yemen influences and is influenced by many of these determinants and should consider and analyze their issues that have a bearing on the country, be it a direct or indirect effect.
Organisation Objectives: 
SCSS aims at 1.To pose right questions about strategic, political and socio-economic issues concerning Yemen and the region. 2.To address issues in a scientific methodology, putting aside the conventional dictates. 3.To review the western theories and concepts that are wrongly applied to the Arab communities, and to come up with theories and concepts appropriate to the analysis of the Arab context. 4.To reconsider the research priorities on the basis of the significance of topics for the government and society. 5.To exploit all available potentialities and skills to contribute to knowledge accumulation. 6.To advocate studies and activities that would help improve education, enhance critical thinking, expunge mistaken concepts and preconceptions from the educational curricula, abolish the conventional methods of teaching and learning, and foster the knack of critical analysis. 7.To take the lead in re-defining relations with others (particularly with the West) through understanding the positive aspects of reciprocal relations and realizing the diversity of the West; and not to deal with all the western states and communities as if they were a single entity. 8.To conduct futuristic studies and prepare projected or perceived scenarios, thereby providing the decision makers in Yemen with pest policy alternative.
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Organisation Field
Field of Work: 
Civil Participation
Climate and Environmental Protection
Conflict Management
Governance, Institutional Development
Human Rights
Local Economic Development, Employment Generation
Media and Information
Protection / Rule of Law
Refugees and IDPs
Rural Development
Small and Micro Enterprises Development
Training and Organizational Support
Urban Development
Water and Sanitation
Youth Child Care
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gender - female
gender - male
age group - children
age group - youth
age group - elderly
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Amani AL-Harazi
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Public Relation & Events Coordinator.
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