The NGO Directory is run and maintained by Volunteers. You can help to improve the NGO Directory Yemen in various ways.

1. Spread the word
Whether you are representing an organisation or not, you can help spreading the word about the directory. Tell your colleagues and friends about the directory and/or make a link from your webpage to the directory. As an organisation you can also invite the organisations you are in contact and/or cooperate with to the directory (and add them to your network to increase your credibility, this feature is planed at a later stage of the directory development).

2. Give us feedback
It does not matter whether you like to comment on things missing, or little things that are not as they should be or whether you would like to have an extra gadget. Do not hesitate to sent us your remarks, wishes, feedback and also - most welcome - things you like and your compliments!

3. Become a Volunteer!
The NGO Directory is maintained and run by Volunteers! Help with answering questions, discussing improvements, geting a hand on translations or even doing some coding. Every little help is appreciated, even when it is just one hour a week!

Book about/with NGOs in Yemen>> See here the detailed Volunteer page.

If your organisations would like to support or develop the NGO Directory Yemen further in whatever way, please get in touch.

If you are a organisation or a research and would like to build upon the work of the the NGO Directory Yemen in whatever way, please get in touch.