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لا تتردد في تصفح كاتالوج المنظمات. قد ترغب كذلك في تجربة بحث للعثور على منظمة معينة.

Youth Leadership Development Foundation and Social Fund for Development cannot prove or disprove the information in this list.

ان مؤسسة تنمية القيادات الشابة والصندوق الاجتماعي للتنمية لاتستطيع اثبات او نفي المعلومات الموجودة في هذه القائمة.

Namesort icon Organisation Objectives Fields of Interest Licence
Yemeni Center for Diplomatic Studies&International Realtions The main objective is to publish studies and articles about diplomacy and international relations, settling international problems and conflicts trough peaceful means. The Center will concentrate on conducting studies about Arabic and international economical and political coalitions. It will also focus on the significance of joint Arabic cooperation and Arabic regional congregations. -... Diplomatic Studies & Interantional Raltions, The significance of the Center stems from the accelerated developments imposed by globalization in different directions. Its establishment came also as a result of the concrete changes in the Arab world and in the World as a whole at the political, economical, cultural, security and human levels especially those changes that took place after the...  yes
Yemen Society For Caring & Qualifying Blinds  yes
Yemen Microfinance Network Vision: Microfinance opportunities to all low income Yemenies Strategic Objectives: 1. YMN is a dynamic, responsive, participatory and recognized microfinance network. 2. YMN builds the capacity of its members to better respond to the needs of low-income Yemenis. 3. YMN is the platform for the development and exchange of information for all industry stakeholders. Training and building the capacity of microfinance practitioners, research and develop new microfinance products, ensure transparency of information,facilitate information exchange among all microfinance players, promote and raise awareness on microfinance  yes
Yemen Education For Employment (YEFE) YEFE creates public-private partnership that offer a solution to the paradox of high youth employment and unskilled labor market with high staff turnover. By involving business, education and young stakeholders, YEFE bridges the gap between sectors to bring youth and the market closer together. YEFE complete the circle from unemployment to training to job placement and finally alumni support.... 1.Assess local labor market needs. 2.Training and job placement. 3.Establish partnership arrangements with employers to secure internship and job commitments for youth. 4.Customize curricula to meet the needs of employers. 5.Deliver professional and vocational skills training programs. 6.Ongoing career development, mentoring, networking and civic engagement opportunities for graduates. 7....  no
University Youth Foundation For Development 1) To develop the university youth and the students of higher education, qualify them scientifically and practically and improve them economically in a way that contributes to the creation of a comprehensive integrated and sustainable development. 2) To bring up and prepare young leaders aware of the concepts of human rights; and enable them to perform their role in political life and... University Youth Development Foundation is a non-profit development institution established by a group of activists of university students who also form its team. The aim of its activities and programs is to develop the university youth and promote the university environment in a way that enables universities and students to contribute effectively to the development of society and to respond to...  yes
Social Fund for Development The Social Fund for Development (SFD) was established by Law No. 10 of 1997 to contribute to achieve, and align its programs with, goals of the national social and economic development plans for poverty reduction (DPPRs). It has implemented three phases of operations and by, 2011, commenced phase IV.SFD supports development opportunities through improving access to basic services, enhancing... The Social Fund for Development (SFD) was established by Law No. 10 of 1997 to contribute to achieve, and align its programs with, goals of the national social and economic development plans for poverty reduction (DPPRs).  no
Sheba Center for Strategic Studies SCSS aims at 1.To pose right questions about strategic, political and socio-economic issues concerning Yemen and the region. 2.To address issues in a scientific methodology, putting aside the conventional dictates. 3.To review the western theories and concepts that are wrongly applied to the Arab communities, and to come up with theories and concepts appropriate to the analysis of the... The center's areas of interest are restricted to: (A)Topical Mandate: •Strategic issues (security and defense), political and socio-economic issues as well as energy research. (B)Geographic Mandate: •Yemen and its vital sphere which includes the littoral states the Red Sea, the GCC countries, Iran and Iraq. •Middle East and North Africa. •Countries which are of consequence to the...  yes
SAFAR Center for Injured Animals and Cow Protection SAFAR's stands for Sawali’s Animal First Aid and Rehabilitation. SAFAR provides first aid and rehabilitation services for animals. Sawali Goushala is a part of SAFAR, which works for cow protection and utilization of cow milk. You can also be a member of SAFAR Center, visit our website . If you find any injured animal than please call. Our helpline number is +91-8888-554-555... Animal Rehabilitation Services Cow Protection in India Provide First Aid Services to Injured Animals  no
Resonate! Yemen - Providing opportunities for young Yemenis to build policy analysis and civic leadership skills - Encouraging policy makers in Yemen to accept youth as major stakeholders in policy design and implementation - Developing and articulating policy proposals on issues national and international significance - Implementing a select number of initiatives developed through Resonate’s public policy... Public Policy  no
peace empire Organization  no
National Yemeni Midwives Association  no
nama micro finance program Objective • Increase the work force in small enterprises , thus easing the unemployment rate. • Increase the income of individuals and poor families and improve the standard of living . • Support and empowerment women's economic . • Contribute to the fight against poverty and the negative implications on the lives and future of this family About Nama Nama microfinance Program was established in 2000 after the signing of a cooperation agreement between United Nations (UNDP) and the Charitable Society for social welfare (sponsored authority) in capital Secretariat– Sana'a – yemen. Our vision the lead in financing small and smaller enterprises for the poor and the unemployed of both sexes to become the institution most...  no
Moasaset Youth Initiative x  no
Madhoon Foundation for Community Development The Foundation works to achieve the following objectives: 1) To contribute to building a strong community through the achievement of social justice and peace; and uphold the values of tolerance and constructive dialogue; and combat the culture of extremism in all its forms, and promote a culture of participation and acceptance of others among community groups. 2) To work with stakeholders and... Madhoon Foundation for Community Development (MFD) is a non-governmental organization, exercising (social, developmental and juristic) activities. It seeks to contribute effectively in building a strong Yemeni society dominated by the values of tolerance and constructive dialogue. It aims to provide the members of the society with sufficient education and training, and the real ability to manage...  yes
Helping Hand Org Goal 1: Gain financial sustainability and donors' satisfaction and trust. Goal 2: Effectively utilize the means of mass communication. Goal 3: Assist and empower the people in need. Goal 4: Develop highly responsive and professional leadership, staff, and volunteers Goal 5: Develop effective disaster and emergency response Restoration of historical Forts, Castles and temples, development , Agricultural aid, orphanes, Organize events that support youth • Job Assistance, Social Services, Self Improvement Program (SIP) for Youth & Adult, Community improvement program, Educational Support Program, Train & educate farmers in better & easy ways to use water & irrigation systems around Yemen,...  no
FREEDOM FOUNDATION for media freedom, rights and development مؤسسة حرية Objectives: - Monitoring violations against Media freedom and rights. - Advocating media, defending press freedom and rights. - Advancing press freedom and free expression. - Rising awareness of democracy and human rights. - Developing Media and journalists’ profession and skills. Freedom Foundation for media freedom, rights and development is a Yemeni non-governmental and non-profit organization, focusing on protecting press and media freedom and media development in Yemen. Its Founder and president is the Yemeni journalist Khaled al-Hamamdi, the winner of the International Press Freedom Award 2011 from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. Vision: Advancing...  yes
Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen To ensure a sustainably managed wild population of Arabian leopards living in harmony with local communities. Conservation of endangered Yemeni wildlife.  yes
First Organization Depression Restrictions (FODR™) رؤية المنظمة: نرنو إلى ســــــلام نفســي وذاتــي للفــــرد والمجتمـــع. رسالة المنظمة: منظمة قيود الإكتئاب الأول، تسعـى إلى تحقيق الاتزان السيكولوجي بين المريض النفسي والمجتمع المحيط، عبر البرامج التدريبة والتأهيلية التي تقوم بها المنظمة منتهجـين أحدث الوسائل والنظريات العلمية في الدراسات النفسية والإجتماعية، بالإعتماد على الكوادر المحلية والعربية وبتنسيق مع المنظمــات والنقابات المتخصصة... مقدمة وفكرة المنظمة: فــودر، منظمة غير حكومية تنموية الأولى من نوعها في اليمن لا تهدف للربح تأسست في أواخر عام 2010م بمبادرة من مجموعة شبابية متخصصة بالعمل والعلم النفسي، بهدف الإسهـام في تعزيز الإستقرار النفسي وإرســاء التوعية النفسية وتوضيح دورها في التأثير على نواحي الحيـــاة، بتـــصريح من ديوان عام وزارة الشؤون الإجتماعية والعمل اليمنية برقم (701) بتاريخ 25/04/2012م، حيث قمنا في منظمة فــودر...  yes
Erada organization for Development  yes
Economic Observatory for Studies and Consultancy Based on its vision and mission, EOSC seeks to achieve the following objectives: - Observe and monitor domestic, regional and international economic developments and assess their impact on the national economy. - Contribute to raising awareness on economic and social aspects. - Encourage research and studies. - Enhance cooperation with government, businesses, research centers, universities... The Economic Observatory for Studies and Consultancy )EOSC) was granted permit no. 841 as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor on 3rd of July 2012. EOSC as an independent “think tank” comprises a group of academia in economic and social disciplines in addition to senior and junior researchers who work in different government and non government agencies. It also...  yes