Youth Leadership Development Foundation

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Youth Leadership Development Foundation (YLDF) is a non-governmental non-profit organization, located in Sana’a capital city of Yemen. YLDF was founded to support youth in voicing their opinions and needs, and participating in Yemen’s development, especially underprivileged and female youth. Youth represents a wide base in the demographic pyramid of Yemen, yet they play a small role in decision making processes and have a minor contribution to the economy. Under the umbrella of YLDF, both Girls World Communication Center (GWCC) and Youth Economic Development Center (YEDC) operate to serve Yemeni youth in Sana’a and other governorates. GWCC, predecessor of YLDF, was established in 1998 as the first language Center in Yemen catering exclusively to girls. In 2001, it was registered officially with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. The center is the first institute in Yemen specialized in girls' capacity building. Currently it also offers different programs that enhance male and female youth participation in community development as well as supports youth NGOs and initiatives to play active development roles. In 2005, the Center was incorporated into the Youth Leadership Development Foundation. YEDC, previously called Youth Economic Development Initiative funded by MEPI, as launched in 2005 as a training program. YLDF decided to invest in the successes of the program and expand its activities through establishing Youth Economic Development Center in 2006 with support from MEPI and Canadian Development Program. The center mainly serves Yemeni young males and females to become economically secure and socially established and thus able to participate in all domains of economic life in which merit and attitude transcend social status and gender. Our vision is a Yemen in which skilled, well qualified and active young women and men play leadership roles in all domains of society and enable Yemenis to contribute to a better world. Our mission is “to increase male and female youth participation in development of their communities through high standards of quality education and participatory and action oriented training and youth NGOs and initiatives capacity building overall Yemeni governorates in response to development and labor market needs”. YLDF works in light of the following values:  Quality Assurance  Non- Discrimination  Gender Equity  Respect of Human Rights  Fostering Creativity  Participation  Continuous Improvement  Volunteerism  Sustainability
Organisation Objectives: 
YLDF 2011-2015 strategy aims to achieve the following strategic objectives: 1. Increase levels of leadership and life skills of school female and male students in grades 7-11 2. Enhance academic counseling services and increase level of readiness of high school graduates to enroll in universities. 3. Increase opportunities for female and male youth to enter the labor market 4. Increase levels of community participation of female and male university graduates 5. Increase efficiency of youth NGOs and Initiatives to engage in their local community development
Organisation Activities (Completed and ongoing Projects): 
Young leadership Program  Human Rights Program  Khadija Program  Young Entrepreneurs in Development  Camera As Voice: Citizenship  MEPI Allumni Local Chapter  Monitoring & Reporting of Child Rights Violations in Yemen  WASL-Adolescent Conference  Foundation of Peace  Youth Political Leadership Program  Leaders Speak English
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Civil Participation
Human Rights
Local Economic Development, Employment Generation
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age group - youth
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Al Hudaydah
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Safa'a Rawiah
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General Manager
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