Development House

General Information
Fields of Interest (Focus Areas): 
New Media “Web 2.0” (Social Media), promoting for resources and opportunities, provides training and consultation services for individuals and organizations.
Organisation Objectives: 
respond to civil society needs for supporting, organizational capacity building, and promoting for resources and opportunities. DH provides training and consultation services for individuals and organizations through several training programs which respond to the needs of the civil society and strengthen its role. DH considers itself the first organization which specialized in New Media “Web 2.0” in Yemen.
Organisation Activities (Completed and ongoing Projects): 
Web 2.0 for Social Change Human Rights for all
Govermental Licence
Govermental licence: 
Govermental licence confirmed: 
Organisation Field
Field of Work: 
Civil Participation
Human Rights
Media and Information
Training and Organizational Support
Target Group: Gender, Age, Disabilities: 
gender - female
gender - male
age group - youth
Organisations Regions of Work: 
Contact Details
Contact Person: 
Fathi Abdulwahid
Contact Person's Postion: 
Senior Adviser
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