ALMethag Dev.&socialty Association

General Information
Fields of Interest (Focus Areas): 
Charter Association of Social Development youth organization independent non-profit organization was founded by a group of young men and young women from the province of Marib and were granted a permit number (451) from the Office of Social Affairs and Labour on 07.15.2006 AD Vision: Leadership in the rehabilitation and capacity building of youth Marib Message: We seek association development to community development through the rehabilitation and empowerment of youth, training and capacity building. Values: - Transparency - The continued development - Community participation - Commitment to Community message: Work with young people and for young people
Organisation Objectives: 
Objectives: - Enable young people to acquire the skills necessary to join the labor market. - To contribute to a culture of moderation and rejection of extremism. - Improve the overall situation of young people socially, culturally and politically. - Networking and coordination with local and foreign companies operating in Yemen in the field of community development.
Organisation Activities (Completed and ongoing Projects): 
Programs of the Association: 1 - Empowerment Program  Objective: - to contribute to youth empowerment and activation of their participation in community development  Number of those who were targeted in the program activities (108) people Implemented now, the Assembly of the Charter of the draft community mobilization in partnership with the response, which mainly targets the rehabilitation of 100 young men and women on democratic participation and social actors for the development of communities and is a sub-participation of 400 young men and women make up the twentieth community group and the target indirect twentieth community in the province of Marib 2 - a program from conflict to development  Objective: - To contribute to the reduction of the impact of conflict on human development and in the province of Marib  Number of those who were targeted 6330 people 3 - Culture and Society program  Objective: - Raising awareness of cultural and health among young people  Number of those who were targeted in the program activities (385) people 4 - Takaful  Objective: - to contribute to alleviate the suffering of poor families  Number of those who were targeted in the program activities (720) people  project was implemented in the distribution of clothes and the youth aimed at children of both sexes about 6000 people / blankets and Tarahat targeting about 300 families (in partnership with the Organization of Islamic Relief funding the Islamic Cultural Center - Panama)
Govermental Licence
Govermental licence: 
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Govermental licence confirmed: 
Organisation Field
Field of Work: 
Civil Participation
Human Rights
Training and Organizational Support
Target Group: Gender, Age, Disabilities: 
gender - female
gender - male
age group - youth
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Contact Person: 
huseen ali alsubaiy
Contact Person's Postion: 
President of the organization