Al Khair Foundation for Social Development

General Information
Fields of Interest (Focus Areas): 
1. Training & Rehabilitation of Yemeni Youth. 2. Illiteracy Eradication. 3. Women's Sewing Shops. 4. Needy Families Donations.
Organisation Objectives: 
1. To develop a real partnership between the private and government sectors aimed at building the capabilities and skills of the youth. 2. Motivate the young, guide them into making the optimum use of time and to improve their knowledge in basic sciences such as Marketing, Computers, English language, and Work Ethics. 3. Backup the National Campaign for Eradicating Illiteracy through promoting the education of girls and mothers who have been deprived of education since childhood. 4. Establish specialized Youth Development Centers / Institutes to enable the youth to contribute to sustainable development. 5. Provide free (intensive) training courses in the fields of Tourist Guiding & Driving to the youth of specific local communities in Marib, Al Jawf and Shabwah as a first stage, with special focus on English language and Work Ethics, to help them secure appropriate jobs. 6. Cooperate and coordinate with other academic institutions towards developing the capabilities of the youth. 7. Supplement the labor market (both, locally, and in GCC countries) with qualified & well-trained young generation, geared up with the right tools such as language, computer skills and other essential crafts. 8. Rehabilitate the illiterate women of rural areas through teaching them reading & writing and training them on various crafts such as sewing, embroidery and other handicrafts, thus enabling them to be self-reliant and capable of providing basic clothing to their families.
Govermental Licence
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Organisation Field
Field of Work: 
Training and Organizational Support
Target Group: Gender, Age, Disabilities: 
age group - youth
Organisations Regions of Work: 
Al Jawf
Contact Details
Contact Person: 
Haifa Almaqtari
Contact Person's Postion: 
Program Coordinator
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