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The Economic Observatory for Studies and Consultancy )EOSC) was granted permit no. 841 as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor on 3rd of July 2012. EOSC as an independent “think tank” comprises a group of academia in economic and social disciplines in addition to senior and junior researchers who work in different government and non government agencies. It also allows membership to those who desire to benefit from EOSC’s activities through a promotion scale.
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Based on its vision and mission, EOSC seeks to achieve the following objectives: - Observe and monitor domestic, regional and international economic developments and assess their impact on the national economy. - Contribute to raising awareness on economic and social aspects. - Encourage research and studies. - Enhance cooperation with government, businesses, research centers, universities and relevant civil society organizations.
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Past projects - Introducing the Social Market Economy (SME) in Yemen Funded by the German International Cooperation Agency. This project has been implemented in four phases as follows: 1)Review government policy documents, research papers, relevant studies and other country experience, leading to drafting a policy document focusing on consolidating economic and social policies to enhance social protection. 2)Organize a national conference under the auspices of the Prime Minister, in which background papers and the policy document were presented and discussed. 3)Co-organize with the GIZ a study tour to Germany for a group of 14 including politicians, academics, civil society representatives, to enrich their knowledge and experience of the SME and enhance the influence on the national dialogue. 4)Convene a series of events (seminars, workshops, …) with various stakeholders (private sector, political parties, academia and NGOs) to sensitize and raise awareness on the SME. 5) New project - "Empowering youth and women to influence decision making", a proposal presented to the EU call under SHARAKA SHABAB.
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